Web Reminiscing: I remember back

Web Reminiscing:
I remember back in 1992 or so when I saw the first Mosaic Web browser actually pull up text from the Internet. I had no real idea what the Internet was at the time, but I knew that what I was looking at was profound, that the implications for viewing information from anywhere at any time were immense. There were probably only two Web sites of any interest out there at the time. To give credit where credit is due, I first saw the Web at the University at Albany‘s very large and excellent library.
The commercial Internet is now about 6 years old. This is probably old hat for all you Web developers and designers out there but for the rest of you, you can find old browsers to download at a site called Evolt. Brilliant.
More importantly, if you don’t want to actually go ahead and download those old bits and bytes, you can always view current Web pages through a browser emulator. My favorite is at Deja Vu. Try, for instance, taking a look at http://www.manoverboard.com (you must type in the http:// part) on the NCSA Mosaic 1.0 emulator. Click on the button at the bottom called Open and type in the full URL. Embarassing!

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