I am in the process

I am in the process of redesigning everything that I own that is online. (I’m glad that I’m only attempting online properties.)
So, soon enough, there will be a new Deckchairs on the Titanic, hosted at a to-be-disclosed domain name that is not MANOVERBOARD.com.
MANOVERBOARD.com, anyway, will go corporate and MANOVERBOARD.net will become the art project space that .com has been for four years. I hope this doesn’t make too many folks angry but I promise I’ll do the best I can to migrate the information and ideas to their new homes. Thanks for your patience – it may take two or three more weeks.

My grandmother died this weekend

My grandmother died this weekend at the age of 92.
She was an amazing woman who raised my mother single-handedly and worked (in an electronics factory) pretty much all her life.
I am simply stunned at the fact that she is no longer on this planet with me.
I saw her about a week ago and videotaped her for a few minutes. I probably will never watch that tape. Well, maybe in a year, when the headstone is unveiled.