My wife, in all her

My wife, in all her brilliance, took Kiss and Make-Up out of the library. Gene Simmons, lead singer of the band, wrote the book to set the record straight and to, well, probably make yet a little more money. A wave of nostalgia has taken me over.
I was *HUGE* KISS fan between the ages of 8 and 12. The very first albums I bought were KISS ALIVE II and Peter Frampton’s Live album, thanks to my parents and Sam Goody in Philadelphia. (I think I thought that all the best albums were both live and came in twos.) I was in the KISS Army for a few months, sending them $6.00 to belong. I loved the band, the music, and the irony of the “SS” in their logo, as I knew that the band was started by two Jews from New York. I never saw them in concert but I also never ceased being interested in the way they took the world by storm — guys and girls, Americans and Japanese, fire breathers and fake-blood packet eaters. I was fascinated by the minutiae of their dress, the iconography of their albums, the mystique of their (at the time) raucous music.
I look forward to devouring the book.

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