Okay here goes. I rarely

Okay here goes. I rarely work by cajoling, entreaties, or through the blunt force of optimism or politics, but there is a very powerful movement going on to Save Farscape. A good friend of mine, VS, is seemingly singlehandedly attempting to save Farscape, a uniquely interesting sci-fi show that the Sci-Fi Channel, in their infinite wisdom, wants to kill.
Now, I don’t go in much for saving shows generally. I was a bit sad that Seinfeld left the air but glad that they all went to jail in the end. This is different — look at the impassioned pleas in this article from SF Site.com. And take a look at part of a letter (which you can handily cut and paste and send to the appropriate media head) created by VS to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I don’t pretend to know the show but I believe in passion and if it’s anywhere outside the White House, it’s here in this letter. If Sex and the City (another sci-fi drama that takes place on planet-island Manhattan) were taken off the air tomorrow, you’d see similar passion with good cause.

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