I've been a big fan

I’ve been a big fan of UPS for many years, in part because of its so completely outre color usage (brown) throughout its entire identity presentation. Brown uniforms, brown trucks, brown packaging. I was a bit surprised that UPS has now changed its logo to something apparently less workman-like, which is really the visual construct of the company. Brown, as the symbol of Carhartt and chocolate syrup, is also the color of dirt, grit, and dried blood.
While the new symbol is still brown-ish, it makes use of gold, yellow highlights, and a curved, space-age design to make the company look like a working-class space company — which, in fact, it kind of is. UPS was one of the first companies to use mobile technology, international tracking, and Web-based information services while maintaining a strong union culture and good customer service. Their logo redesign, while unnecessary, is a good choice of safe thinking and careful brand modulation.