As car manufacturers like Honda

As car manufacturers like Honda and Cadillac place increasingly larger and larger corporate logos/ornaments on their cards, there is a small but growing trend of car Logo Removal. I find it kind of fascinating and I’ve only really seen it in Bed-Stuy, of course. Some of the larger SUVs, in particular (and no, well, these are not cars), will have tricked out, customized front grills and very clean, logo-less skins. Most of these vehicles are painted black. These look very, very wicked, for some reason and my reasoning is as follows:
1. The car is anonymous in the way that the Secret Service employs for its automotive machines. The car looks like a conspiracy on wheels.
2. The car looks less recreational and all about business while at the same time, it defies big business identity, corporate culture, and visual recognition. It’s small-time, mob capitalism which we are not supposed to know enough about.
3. The car is cared for personally and in a real sense, the car is re-owned or re-captured from industry itself. This ironically makes the car appear sinister and romantic, cold and palpable, smart and aloof.