I know that there are web designers out there that live to be validated by the World Wide Web Consortium, which inelegantly provides standards for web developers, browser manufacturers, and others to help ensure a relatively democratically visible Internet. I’m all for it! Standards is small news to the advanced web designer, but for most people the W3C may appear less than useless and I’m all for promoting its “interoperable technologies.”
Today I can say that this here site is fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS2 Validated. What this says is that the site upholds the somewhat strict standards being developed for the Web and that the presentation of the site (its colors and effects) are separate from its content (the headlines, graphics, and text). It also means the visually and aurally challenged have a shot at reading the site. Find out more by clicking on those little validating links at the bottom left of this page.