More Safari Fun

This from an email to my technically smarter friend. Warning: not interesting at all unless you’re using Apple’s new Panther and Extensis Suitcase X1.
I updated to 10.3.2 first. No problems with Safari. (I checked Safari all along the way as it’s kind of the canary in the coalmine.) Because I’ve been cautious about Suitcase and Panther for the past three months, I’ve also taken care to make sure my files and fonts are in order.
Then, I opened and reregistered Suitcase X1. NO problems. Then, I moved the com.extensis.Suitcase.plist Preference from the old archived user to the new one. Again no problems with Safari.
I somehow intuited that the next thing might be problematic. I moved the folder Suitcase Preferences from the old to the new user Preferences folder and voila, Safari hung, hung, hung. It was fascinating and horrifying at the same time – as I saw my two day old problems come back.
This is what I did next, for what it’s worth. I noticed that all the fonts in Suitcase were pointing to my old user — there’s a great “Reveal in Finder” function in X1. So, I deleted all of the fonts from X1 completely. Quit and relaunched X1 — and then added all fonts to X1 from a new copied folder in the new directory. These are the same exact fonts, same order, but importantly, this time the index of fonts in X1 point directly to the actual fonts in the new directory, not the old.
I quit and relaunched Suitcase and it was fine. I opened Safari — fine. System — fine. Me — fine.
Now, I just have to move all those old files and preferences one by one to the new login, which sucks a lot.