I’ve noticed a trendous amount of political and other subterfuge lately, much thanks to the ongoing secrecy and strangeness of the White House and those surrounding it lately. It reminds me a bit of the time when books like Pranks! were hits, back in the early 90s.
This was interesting: The Yes Men kind of make a mockery of things at a Heritage Foundation conference by nominating Ed Meese for President.
I saw today a woman today on the subway wearing a headscarf with a t-shirt underneath that obviously read “I am a Muslim.”
Leonard Lopate had an American serviceman on his show today who openly but gently criticized the war in Iraq, which is unheard of, literally, during wartime.
A colleague also put together this funny little site on the Bush record.
I can’t say I am in full agreement with any these actions but I can say I’m impressed that the courageous few are standing and speaking and being heard.

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