More on Black

Last night marked the first night of the Jewish New Year, a typically happy occasion. But it was sadly marked by the death of our small black cat, CD.
I miss her tremendously and only hope that she passed through the eternal wall in peace. She was a tough cat, a street-fighting cat, and she brought her instincts into her house and our hearts.
We were always slightly scared of her but her personality and occasional sweetness was rich and strong. The world feels emptier without her and I have many feelings of guilt for not reading the very odd behavior she exhibited yesterday all day.
We still don’t know how she could have passed away so suddenly but I’m sad that she’s not here, now.

3 thoughts on “More on Black”

  1. My mother told me that her mom, at the beginning of the Jewish New Year every year, would wave a dead chicken over her head. I think the name for this is “kippor” but I’m not sure. The intended meaning was that if anyone was to die during the coming year, it would be the animal and not the child.

  2. Andy,
    I’m really sorry to hear that CD is gone. I know she had to slug it out with Gusty and Inky when they became roommates but I’m sure they’re feeling the loss now too.

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