Is Bush Wired (for Speech)?

My buddy, V., sent me this weblog cum report called Is Bush Wired?. At first it looked like utter nonsense but, if you visit this site, take a good look at the photographs — be sure to scroll down.
Granted, it could be doctored but it seems plausible that the President was repeating back words that had been spoken to him through a (ostensibly encrypted) wire. Of course, the logic of his poor performance last Thursday may be that the repeater was somehow turned off and he was left without a feed. I don’t know. But if this turns out to be a real lead, it could upset the election.

2 thoughts on “Is Bush Wired (for Speech)?”

  1. Hey Andy!
    It’s Me, and I’m still in China! In any case, you can’t imagine the array of dirty looks I’ve gotten from my brother on this very topic. He says “so what,” and “It doesn’t matter…” but my Dad, the former Executive Office lackey says that Bush’s goose is cooked if he is in fact wired.
    I studied him very closely during the second Town Hall-type debate (on Chinese National television!) and didn’t see any contraptions anound his upper-body, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t move the transciever – there was still something very *off* about his responses, and I’m not talking about his stupid cracks about owning a timber company that he apparently doesn’t know anything about…
    I think that Bush has lost more than he realizes at this point, and he MIGHT JUST end up pretty disappointed on the morning of November 3rd.
    Here’s for hoping…

  2. I think Bush was wired, I dont think he knows what to say about the mess hes made out of the U.s. I think hes going to be dissappointed on Nov.3rd. also. I hope so any way. Cause that man needs tocome out of office. He talks about that he didnot rush the soldiers into war, but he did. My family and have a friend thats got a son Irac. He graduated from high school went right to the army and it was about 3 months and over there he went. Hes 18 years at the time. I believe thats to young to be over there. When he gets to call home he just cry,s and cry,s. Its so sad. I think bush is full of S***.

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