New Good Things

Here’s what I got in the past few days, all of ’em good and shiny and nice and sassy:

  • A New A List Apart.
  • Relatedly, a fine new hosting service.
  • Finally, a seemingly reliable Pantone to RGB (and back) online tool [I ain’t vouching for its accuracy].
  • Three new clients for MANOVERBOARD, one of whom is in Texas!
  • A shiny new bank card at Royal Bank of Canada, which will gladly take my immigrant money.
  • A sharp-looking and amazingly easy-to-get Winnipeg Public Library card.
  • A sweet two-pronged Panasonic Telephone for the office, put on my credit card.
  • A new and kind of average-printing Epson printer [no thanks to our van lines, I’m without a printer and Epson gave me $40.00 to buy theirs at an oddly named Canadian store called FutureShop.
  • Hopefully, some Vonage.
  • Plain envelopes
  • A renewed subscription to ol’ MacWorld.
  • Great comments to a piece called “Content Stripped Bare” that I wrote in the recent Design in Flight and comments on comments on that piece in Design in Flight.
  • Clothes from Old Navy, hopefully billed to our lovely van line [projected (or supposed) delivery date is now: September 2, 2005].