Silver Jews.

I’ve been a big fan of the Jews ever since my friend M.G. gave me a tape of their stuff a lot of years ago. They have a newish album out called Tanglewood Numbers as well as a nice newish video of their song Punks in the Beerlight. The whole thing is one melancholic enterprise, full of hell and high waters, sad tunes set to slow guitars and the droning voice of Jewish David Berman.
It reminds me a lot of depressing things like

  • The fact that really sucks here in Canada
  • I probably have a good 15 more really happy summers to go what with my birthday coming up and all
  • I don’t read no more
  • I bought OmniOutliner a few weeks ago and I’m not using it to keep any lists
  • I’m not going to buy Yojimbo, though I wrote about it a lot
  • There are people that called me a year ago and I haven’t returned their calls
  • It’s become obvious to me that death is pre-birth
  • Mail hasn’t been getting to me for some reason
  • Turin don’t matter
  • The dictatorship officially began
  • The color yellow seems fresh. A clear indication that I’m morose
  • The new Belle and Sebastian album is kind of silly in a bad way
  • There’s a tribute album out for my G-d-favorite artist Elliot Smith. It’s sure to be uplifting. I can’t listen to it.
  • Jeff Chester thinks the Internet as we know it is done because of corporate media consolidation and the need to monetize content that is ostensibly free
  • I used to be cute
  • It’s Thursday and then there’s the weekend