Okay, I couldn’t stay away any longer.
I realize I only have about 3 readers left. I’m embarrassed by my incredible absence these past few months. Forgive me.
But I’m called to write because the election in the United States is becoming a fatter and wider preposterity than even I could have imagined. Let me try to sum up the facts for my 3 readers:
John McCain, a man of incredible integrity and pride and love for his country, decides to allow his journeymen consultants to persuade him to accept, as his Vice President, a person with as much political experience as your average county clerk. He knows he’s old and jokes about it often but, with his focus on national security, he has no problem with putting the nuclear arsenal and the power and privilege of serving in the hands of a political neophyte, currently under an ethics investigation for firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.
Then, it turns out that the selected VP candidate’s daughter (bless her soul), is preggers at the ripe age of 17. It’s fine. Her daughter should not be part of the equation, because our values say that children offer us the world and life is not to be taken for granted. Except that if Obama had a 17-year old daughter with a baby, she’d be accused of irresponsibility, miscegenation, and being sexually deviant.
On top of this, we learn that the Republicans want to take off their elephant hats and put on their stars-and-stripes ones because people in levee-land are in trouble. But the display is entirely a FEMA show, put on by the Bush administration.
Worse still is that the media is just eating it up. They love a good story! And there’s nothing quite like seeing compassionate Conservatives helping out their fellows by not going to their national convention. The benevolence! The generosity! See!
I’m done. Except this: I typically don’t watch NBC or CBS U.S. national news. But when I tuned in this morning, my jaw dropped as the latter’s Bob Schieffer, a man who I had thought had some journalistic integrity, repeated to the television anchor the lie that Obama has as much political experience as Palin. There I said her name.