As of January 25, 2003,

As of January 25, 2003, the very unkind VeriSign company will thankfully relinquish its ownership of the .org registration process to an organization called Public Interest Registry. It’s a good thing and is very long (about 10 years) overdue. For some reason, anyone can have a .org Web site, though it was intended to be used for non-profits in order to distinguish them from commecial online vehicles. (Note: MANOVERBOARD does own a few .org domain names.) While proof of non-profit status will not change now that VeriSign (a company that has been sued multiple times for trying to swindle customers like me) is bye-bye, the switch does mean that a real non-profit will be in control of the .org registry.
PIR intends to use its new powers to ” institute mechanisms for promoting the registry’s operation in a manner that is responsive to the needs, concerns, and views of the non-commercial Internet user community, including web-based input mechanisms for interested parties.” This is very cool news for the non-profit online world and a welcome reprieve from the flawed governance of registries past.