Okay, I’ve successfully moved Deckchairs from a very old (3.2) Movable Type installation to WordPress. I’m using a very basic theme, for now, to house and hold the old content.

This will be a work in progress folks.

Here’s what used to appear:


Why Deckchairs?
Deckchairs on the Titanic is a special Web log created by Web design and consulting company MANOVERBOARD. Deckchairs, like MANOVERBOARD generally, focuses upon issues within and around art, culture, history, and technology. The site has recently (as of October 2003) moved to Movable Type as its “operating system” and there are now a few side links on the home page, which I swore I would never do, as well as an occasional jet set of commentators, which I also swore up and down would never happen. My sincere apologies to those who wanted me to keep things the same.

The aphorism “Deckchairs on the Titanic” originates sometime in the early 70s, not in the 20s, and it either has to do with a problem at New York’s Lincoln Center or a PR fiasco related to President Ford, or both. Invariably, the phrase has come to mean that re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic is a futile task but one that might be attempted at any rate. Please read more about what a Google researcher learned.

We made the list of best World weblogs according to the London Guardian.

Deckchairs is published by me, Andrew Boardman, owner and editor of the The Site at MANOVERBOARD, a site featuring artists and writers “of extreme vision.” Yes, I still like My Bloody Valentine and I was an early adopter of the Georgia font (this here font) for Web sites. I also run a web design and development company called, surpise, MANOVERBOARD.

The three second bio: Art and English, Brown; M.F.A.; Fulbright in Poland; NYFA Fellowship in NYC; large foundation work; artist, designer and writer; OVEN Digital guy; Jewish; father of one and husband of one; friend of the Web and all things fine.

I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking.

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