Catching Up.

There’s a lot to do so let’s just get started. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines of the American political story that’s unfolding. I did vote in Kings County, New York, but there are a few thoughts I need to get off my chest:
Sharron Angle is an idiot. Plus, a media coward. It’s almost as if the Republicans can’t find a woman to represent their ideals so pretty much anyone will do.
Barack Obama, despite all of his presidential communication flaws and his inability to defend his administration, has done everything he could to make the country work. Nicholas Kristof’s piece today says it all, best. If the Republicans win on Tuesday, it will mean that Obama has a new license to fight for the average American (and not just his policy).
The Stewart/Colbert rally for and against sanity in Washington was a reflection of Obama’s politics – kind, open, and semi-ironic but earnest and rational with a focus on the possible. I really liked the cars in the tunnels metaphor. Oh, the signs were great.
The greening of America during the past two years is being entirely driven by multi-nationals and the small actions by individuals and nonprofits. It’s time that Obama took a few lessons from Clinton and Gore to put together a political strategy (with the former) and an economic one (with the latter).
There’s nothing more interesting to the media than the media. If we could all turn off the networks for the next 48 hours, the silence would deafen us into supporting our best interests.
In sum, this would be the sign I would carry, had I been in DC.