Useful Links for Your Bookmarking

Useful Links for Your Bookmarking Pleasure
I’m beginning to very much dislike the entire adventure of bookmarking. As you know, it’s difficult to organize these links, difficult to send them to others en masse, and hard to modify. So herein are a few links I’ve found over the past few days that are useful to my own business at hand. I hope they prove somewhat useful.
The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Shopping Carts
English-Yiddish Online Dictionary. Free online English-Yiddish translation
Small Pieces Loosely Joined
Email for you, your family, your group, or your business | ego strokes
The Morning News
STS: Systems Technical Support Corporation

Sorry To Say Bye (to

Sorry To Say Bye (to AdCritic)
It’s pretty awe-inspiring and then awful to see a site like All Ads, All The Time, Just Not Right Now go offline. This probably isn’t news to most of you out there, but it is to me. This site used to carry every single advert out there, from the stupid E*Trade monkey ones to the hippest Stereolab/VW ones.
It’s too bad. BUT, there are a host of other sites that I’ll continue to point your way. In the name of goodness, here are some other strong sites that, while not exactly picking up the slack of, are nonetheless valuable:
ANI MOLLER: Superior Content, Hot Text
Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room
Posters from the WPA: Collection Highlights 6. Federal Project Number One

I saw The Cruise last

I saw The Cruise last night, on video, at home. In the background, my wife was taking care of the baby, and I felt guilty.
But at the same time, this was really the movie to see in February 2002. It’s an incredible documentary – an expose about one man’s determination to see the world clearly, through his own eyes, and to admire a nation’s cultural mecca (New York City) in a way all his own. The film is also a mediation on one man, a tour guide on the double-decker buses in NYC, and his anger and discerning of self. He’s brilliant and the film is brilliantly filmed.
It’s not a brilliant film, however, leaving too much to the viewer in fact. But look at the end of this movie, when Bennett goes to the World Trade Center and the camera admiringly floats below those towers, where they spookily hover above, like too-tall ghosts. The WTC towers never looked more beautiful, more sacrosanct, more clean and better architected than they do in this movie. I was at the WTC site (“ground zero” – huh?) the other day to look at it from that odd viewing platform. And all you can see is the towers’ inverse. A huge concrete hole in the ground, where once was all that power and magnificence and subject matter.

BROWN I'm really fascinated at

I’m really fascinated at the way in which UPS has appropriated the color Brown now that the color has become “hip” to the masses. I remember for years, brown was like the last color anyone would be caught dead in. I went to Brown and it probably goes without say that the hippest color there was that of no color at all (uh, black). Of course, I should say that UPS and its employees had to suffer through many years of wearing brown uniforms. This is their comeuppance, finally, fatally, happily, I hope. Good luck, UPS.
In honor, or dishonor, of UPS’ new branding campaign, here are some weird Brown links:
Things that are Brown
UPS’ boring press release
On the University’s home page, they contrast what looks like a gang of youths and a lonely student walking in winter. Guess which one I was?

Some interesting links that should

Some interesting links that should be posted right about now:
The Golem — it’s up, finally, for whatever reason, thanks to those crazy Canadians with whom I accidentally hosted. — A good place to get all critical information about who is doing what to your site with regard to links. Strong.
American Book Congress — Great design and good content, so far. Very much a kindred spirit, I’ll be happy to see where these guys go with it.
Coming soon to the Featured Artist area, Fred Betz, painter.

If anyone is interested in

If anyone is interested in seeing what a burka really looks like, you can take a look at this image (large download time):
It’s pretty unbelievable. A friend of ours, brave soul, came back from Afghanistan a few weeks ago and showed us this incredible instrument of beauty and repression. It’s beautifully crafted. In fact, I was so amazed at the quality of the fabric and the color and the heft of the thing that I couldn’t stop looking at it. Our friend asked if I wanted to try it on, and I did.
I could not see a thing.