I realize it's been four

I realize it’s been four full days since I’ve posted. Here’s a summary of what I’ve accomplished, in the order of most recent first:
1. Scared shiteless about July 4th holiday in New York.
2. Moved a ton of bricks (literally) from my friend’s front yard to his backyard. (And they were the big thick bricks, too.)
3. Realized how strange it is that the media is grouping Martha Stewart (who, granted, did some wrongs no doubt) with the nice folks at Enron and WorldCom (who, embezzeled pensioner and stakeholder money to enrich their private accounts).
4. Built the final draft for the new MANOVERBOARD.com (which is STILL not done).

Okay, folks, I took the

Okay, folks, I took the leap into OS X. (If you hate Macs and hate reading about them, go to the New York Times today which features in its circuit section a little puff piece about NYCBlogger. It’s a nice puff piece, though.
OS X is unbelievable solid. While I miss the old clunkiness of OS 9.2, with its weird shutters, old-fashioned looking windows and scrawly type, OS 10.1.2 is beautiful, fresh, and very stable. More importantly, an end user like me, with a little planning, can easily make the leap from old applications to new ones. I’ve even found updated OS X drivers for a USB-Serial Port converter, a Palm Desktop, and a very cool application (better than Sherlock) that finds other applications (see link below). I’ve imported bookmarks no problem (almost), imported old email and address books sans problem and even have been able to important old Stickies no problem.
Apple are you listening? If you have any questions or objections to this high praise, let me know! I’m all OS X now.
LaunchBar for Mac OS X

It's come to my attention

It’s come to my attention that Rhizome has relaunched (okay, they sent me an email about it). I’ve had a problem with the user interface and the general design of the site for a long time and it looks as if they’ve listened carefully to their feedback and did not do a whole lot of hearing. Or vice versa.
The site is very confused and confusing. I believe in the mission (to show and archive “Net” art) but it does make me wonder. Of course, I’m in the process of redoing my sites as well so the glass in this house had better bulletproof.

A few days ago I

A few days ago I posted that Maeve waved. Well, today, for the first time, she crashed my computer (by pounding on every key on the keyboard). Very cool. I hope her early hacking activities continue, as is promised in the stars.
I hereby promise not to regularly post more firsts.
To make up for these posts, here is a link to a book that she absolutely adores, called My Many Colored Days, an early Dr. Seuss (perhaps the earliest). The paintings (by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher) are somewhat ham-fisted but what can I say. The kid loves these images of flattened out pancake people smiling their way to somewhere.

Not a very interesting post

Not a very interesting post for Saturday morning but hey, it is Shabbos. It’s interesting to see what Macromedia is doing with regard to its software strategy by not looking at what they are selling (well, they sold me on Studio MX which I got at Amazon.com for a song and a half (more about this in a later post) but what they have *discontinued* on their site.
Here’s what they don’t want to support or sell any more (and all of these are great tools that I hope Macromedia has enough sense to sell to some suspecting developer sometimes soon).
Fontographer (the one and still the best for font design)
Sitespring (still advertised but not well used any more)
SoundEdit 16 (a terrible name for a great, user-friendly sound editing app)
In all three cases, the company cannot sell additional online services (like content management, new extensions, or even dingbats). Smart but unfortunate. Any buyers for these products out there?
Macromedia – Downloads