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Life Span, Animals.

Two moths beat their wings against our kitchen window today. Our daughter asked if we could let them in. It’s coldish – about 45 degrees right now – and our daughter asked if we could let them in. We could not. It made me wonder what about the life spans of different animals, besides us.
Wikipedia has an entry, listing elephants (80), birds (15), and corals (100,000). Moths, it turns out, live one to two weeks, like most butterflies.

Hardee's Heart

Seth Stevenson of Slate wrote a piece yesterday called Porn, Again – Another lewd, suggestive ad for meat. The series of Hardee’s ads, one of which shows a woman generously fisting her mouth, takes meat eating and meat advertising to a new low. In other heinous meat culture news, according to a editorial response by writer Eric Schlosser in this month’s Vanity Fair, J. Patrick Boyle, CEO of the American Meat Institute, said last September, “If I wake up to a Kerry administration, I wouldn’t know whether to update my resume or slit my wrists.”

Clicking for Animals

I’ve been truly remiss about both giving to charities and looking at websites promoting strong charities. I’m not sure how to attribute this, but I’d like to point out a site that, much like its bigger, more well-publicized sister, The Hunger Site, allows a click of the mouse to provide funds toward the organization. It sounds too easy, and it is, in fact, too easy. But it’s a start and the content on this site is quite good for those interested in aiding and assisting our neglected animal cousins: The Animal Rescue Site.