Pro I'm seriously thinking about

I’m seriously thinking about signing up for Blogger Pro. It has many nice features, such as image posting and draft posting, and someday even email posting.
But I also wonder what does one call something that is not “Pro”? Is Blogger now called “Blogger Naif”? Maybe “Blogger Lite”?
The 90’s meaning of the word Professional has always been challenging to me: “He went to professional school.” “He’s a professional.” “Please be professional.” Doesn’t professional really mean “Not Poor and Dumb”?

The REAL Archives For many

The REAL Archives
For many years, has posted links to artists who were once featured. The goal has always been to add these artists’ work and ideas to the site to provide a collection of visual and written objects that, in their totality, add up to so much more, perhaps even a mini-world (if we’re lucky). I called this area, yes, that’s right, “The Archives.”
Well, I’ve just come across (again, but really for the first time) the many projects out there that archive the Web. Please take a look at these. They show what the Web looked like as far back as 5 years ago. It’s truly incredible. You might even want to look at what looked like on April 23, 2000, seemingly eons ago.
The amount of bytes of storage for the first of the two project must be insane. Can you imagine? I cannot. Without further ado:
Internet Archive — every Web site ever recorded for your eyes only, almost.
The September 11 Archive — a record of news, photos, information from that day in history.

I want to make another

I want to make another small plug for an artist who is featured on the site, Ravi Singh.
His site is truly strong. Fast-loading, clear, sharp, and slightly innovative.
Ravi’s site is not unlike that of a colleague of mine, Jake Dobkin.
Jake’s site is not unlike Method Design’s site, which was only “updated” a few months ago. In fact, Method’s site looks like it was designed in 1994.
If anyone wants to help Deckchairs on the Titanic get to its next level with Blogger Pro, a donation of $35.00 would be of great help. I’ll shut up now.