On the New York City

On the New York City Company of Friends list, Lisa Hendrickson, a client and colleague of mine, posted this. It was in reference t someone trying to figure out their personal conflict of interest. I liked it:
Here’s my opinion on the subject:
So many people wait for the “right” time to do something or the “right”
circumstances or whatever it is that has it be “right.” I think it
isn’t a question of what’s “right” rather it is in making the commitment
to live your dream. Making the commitment, a real commitment means that
you’re willing to go through whatever it is that you will go through to
live your dreams. To live a life that is rich and rewarding by living
through your dreams takes courage. It takes bravery. It takes
singlemindedness and a self-confidence that you can do whatever it is
that you put your mind, heart and soul into. Often times, people around
you don’t understand what you’re doing or why, and in the face of
people’s lack of understanding you must have the strength and courage to do what calls you. I believe doing your dream isn’t a question of
timing but one of commitment. When are you going to start living the
life you’ve dreamed of?

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