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I’m so happy not to have to be beholden to my own prison of writing only about blogging that I can’t help but note a few great things I’ve found. It’s all excitement and a rush of freedom, which must feel a bit like how the colonists must have felt right after they kicked the British our of the 13 states. Here’s a smidgen:
Here’s a fascinating little chart (page down once there) about the number of folks who are upgrading to Panther, the new OS from Apple: Daring Fireball: Graphic Communication
Over the weekend, I found the most powerful book yet on the life of Anne Frank, called Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary. The small paperback details the very modern life of her family with superb photos, diagrams of their living quarters, and reproductions of signs and signage seen throughout Amsterdam at the time. It provides a fascinating chronology of her childhood in context and is just a very good and unlikely read.
Lastly, I’m happy to be using Rancher software’s NetNewsWire for RSS feeds. In a nutshell, it allows you to easily see the most recent stories posted on websites and weblogs without having to type in “” every time you’re interested. A very nice, very simple application with mojo.