I took my daughter in to get her flu shot today. Apparently she was one of the last people in New York that can get one right now because of what the nurse described as a “kind of panic.” Then I see this article in today’s Times titled How Not to Pick a Flu Vaccine and while I’m reading it, the doctor’s office calls to cancel my appointment for my flu shot tomorrow.
I’m not so aghast as I am disgusted. If there was ever a real need for biological deterrants, wouldn’t influenza, which kills 36,000 people per year even today, be a very clear focus of government and the pharmaceutical industry? What does the Department of Homeland Security and the Centers for Disease Control do for a living?

One thought on “Vaccine”

  1. Mr. Boardman, you’re just a hater. Mr. Bush and the Secretary of Homeland Security are doing the best they can to keep this country safe and secure. They’re both God-fearing men, who have only the best interests of the country and its citizenry at heart. I’m shocked and ashamed at your comments here – surely, if there were an iminent health risk, they would certainly let us know.
    God Bless America.

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