There comes a time when every man must confess what he desires. This is not that time. However, there are a few newish applications out there that look worthwhile, including:
Process: A small but sophisticated outlining application for OS X that allows one to plan projects. It should open with the capability of planning to buy this program. It’s 25 bucks.
Transmit: Panic.com today released its newest FTP application which makes it an even sexier, smarter, and faster way to get files to and from Websites. I love Transmit and will likely want to pay 18 bucks to get the upgrade.
Snapz Pro X: This has been on the list for a while. The application allows you to capture anything on your screen including full motion video. Imagine recording your mouse movements as you roll over the relationship of your name to historical circumstance on sites like The Baby Name Wizard’s NameVoyager! [Note: the whole purpose of this post is to promote the ogling of this last site. The NameVoyager is truly amazing.] I can’t seem to find the 69 bucks for this yet, though.

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