I feel very badly for

I feel very badly for all of the people killed in the recent plane crash. I was just remarking to a friend that, if not for September 11, the crash would be the biggest news item of the year – or close to it.
If you want to read a review of Godspeed You Black Emporor’s music, written in the harsh light of this year’s events, take a look at Yawp Magazine. My friend, Jeff, runs the site and it’s as cool as he is. I really love GYBE, a Canadian band that somehow kind of foresaw the crude mood we’re all in now. Their music is almost a medley of every beautiful sound ever recorded — a combination of very evolved orchestral compositions and pre-recorded conversations from the detritus of our airwaves. Very beautiful music for these days.
The pictures of the crash coming across my computer are Godawful. Take care.

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