Osama For some reason, and

For some reason, and I’m sure there is a good one, there’s not a lot of info about Osama out there. What does his name mean? What is his real past? Is he really a man? The name itself is kind of nice if you ask me. To answer these questions and more, here are some hyperlinks:
The State Department’s release about “Usama” in 1998
The BBC’s somewhat recent description of the maniac
An interview with Peter Arnett four years ago (!)
What does Osama mean? According to Behind the Name, Osama is a variant of Usama, meaning lion.
One last thing, the self-suffering Mullah Omar’s tribute to himself was his mansion. CNN reports today:
“Anti-Taliban soldiers now pose for pictures with their weapons on Mullah Omar’s double bed. Outside, walking through the rubble of the quarters for guests and cattle, it’s apparent that every room had air conditioning — including the cowsheds.” Only 12 percent of Afghanis have access to clean water, the report continues.
I know that the White House plans on releasing what is purporting to be a horrendous admission of acts but these tide me over for a little until then. An unfortunate Italian company called Osama also has a Web site, found at no other than Osama.com.

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