Delayed Reactions 1. All this

Delayed Reactions
1. All this talk about Shadow Governments coming out after, way after, September 11, kind of makes me think about my own delays in writing lately. I was recently laid off from my permanent position at OVEN.
2. This post is a delayed reaction to that layoff, which is why I haven’t written lately. Also because I need DSL. I don’t know if the company will surive at this time, but I do hope it will. OVEN, unlike so many other companies and businesses and crap firms, actually produced extremely high quality, innovative and beautiful work. So we’ll see what happens. This is not a plug as I got paid and I don’t hold no grudges.
3. The third delayed reaction is to one of Canada. Congratulations y’all. I’m not a big believer in sports generally, but here is one country that defied the odds internationally and received recognition at last.

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