Israel Oh man, I don't

Oh man, I don’t like the fact that the US is not on its side right now in this one. I think they went too far with Arafat but look, he pushed their buttons. All the man had to do was once, publicly, on a public stage, say “This will not stand, I will stand for it, and there must be a stop to Palestinian violence against civilians.” He never did that, and he is now suffering from his stupidity and arrogance. I’m afraid he will become a martyr and then we’ll have real trouble.
I’m mostly worried about Israel’s little existence right now and whether it will be around 10 years from now. The Palestinians, while completely powerless and political pawns for the past 30 years, must also realize that Israel is their neighbor. The old Woody Allen line applies: “The lion will someday lie down with the lamb. Except the lamb won’t get much sleep.” In this case, my fear is that the lamb is the Israelis.

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