The Angering Web Sites Okay,

The Angering Web Sites
Okay, I’ve had it with listing Web sites that are nice, pretty, charming, or otherwise fine. Here is a short list of ones that are either useless, non-functional, decrepit, or otherwise horrendous. And worse still is that you often have to use them.
Network Solutions: They have always had terrible navigation and impossible instructions.
MSN: Between them and Netscape and CNN, it’s like, “Could they possibly put more links on their page?” Put Slate, MSN’s thingy, on this sublist.
eBay: No new news here. Just ugly and not fun any more. Give me Amazon and PayPal any day.
Angering P.S. Here is a verbatim copy of an email I received today. I don’t get it but I got it anyway. The subject of the email: “Hey Fred.”
It was nice to talk to you today I will send the proposal tonight.

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