The Bachelor Boy Yes, I

The Bachelor Boy
Yes, I was once a bachelor. But I never had the chance to waste the lives of 24 women (sorry, I mean 24 million women) to find the bride.
Semiotically, I think I figured out why the show is so fascinating (to me). The Bachelor is not really about a harem of women prostituting themselves to a man on camera. Rather, it’s about a group of individual, attractive young ladies (who, like Monica, et. al.) seek Hollywood fame and fortune. This is their quickest path to cinematic success — easier than a soap opera and moving to L.A. Therefore, the bachelor in this case is Hollywood Himself, the god of filmic betrayal, seeking new, sweet flesh for his lair.
Alex is simply a cipher for Hollywood’s mean, titillating, and pretty fascinating (overall) machine. Oooh, I hate Alex.

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