I had the privilege today

I had the privilege today of walking in Prospect Park today with my daughter. The air was very cool and the wind breezed through and around my sandals. She slept under a warm pink blanket while I listened to something DJ Shadow piped over loudspeakers in the park, as theatrical workers were preparing an opera for tonight.
The music combined with the beatifically coolish air, a sleeping baby, and green for as far the eye could see set me alift. New York, for all its attitude, can also be a place of phenomenal public complexity, an unfixed arena that befits Frederick Olmstead’s vision of popular playgrounds. I was amazed at how well some of the pitchers were pitching to little leaguers. I was sorry for the poor guy selling ice cream and cold drinks outside today. And I felt like I was the only one in the park listening to those shadowed tones.
I got the new Moby. It’s quite good. As we all expected. I understand that it is his policy to NEVER turn down an interview, no matter the size or quality of the publisher. Hmm…..

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