It's quite interesting that Apple,

It’s quite interesting that Apple, the brilliant little engine that could, has messed up yet another marketing strategy. In the most recent MacWorld, the magazine touts Apple’s new eMac but goes on to say that it will only be available for schools. Apple reversed this offer, allowing anyone to buy it, and now what we have is the eMac listed on its Web site. But wait, there’s more. The company is apparently having difficulty explaining to most people what the real difference is between its eMac and its new, 1950s looking iMac. I mean, what’s the difference between an “e” and an “i” anyway? At least with an “m” you can be pretty sure it stands for “mobile.”
I wish Apple a ton of luck because they actually do make some of the best technology out there. In fact, their latest ad campaign is touting the switch. I remember way back (oh, ten years ago) when people couldn’t quite say what the difference was between an Apple and a Mac. I hope they “switch” their VP for Marketing and Naming for someone else.

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