Okay, folks, I took the

Okay, folks, I took the leap into OS X. (If you hate Macs and hate reading about them, go to the New York Times today which features in its circuit section a little puff piece about NYCBlogger. It’s a nice puff piece, though.
OS X is unbelievable solid. While I miss the old clunkiness of OS 9.2, with its weird shutters, old-fashioned looking windows and scrawly type, OS 10.1.2 is beautiful, fresh, and very stable. More importantly, an end user like me, with a little planning, can easily make the leap from old applications to new ones. I’ve even found updated OS X drivers for a USB-Serial Port converter, a Palm Desktop, and a very cool application (better than Sherlock) that finds other applications (see link below). I’ve imported bookmarks no problem (almost), imported old email and address books sans problem and even have been able to important old Stickies no problem.
Apple are you listening? If you have any questions or objections to this high praise, let me know! I’m all OS X now.
LaunchBar for Mac OS X

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