A fascinating, if completely unlikable,

A fascinating, if completely unlikable, character on Sex and the City is played by noneother than Cynthia Nixon. Well, finally, someone is paying attention to her, and she’s on the cover of the Summer 2002 Bust Magazine. Ms. Nixon looks awfully cool in the article, with way more charm than she is maybe allowed to have in SatC.
Also in this issue is a piece by Melissa Auf Der Maur (formerly? of Smashing Pumpkins) on Rufus Wainwright, whose mom is Kate McGarrigle. I love Melissa, think that Rufus is a doofus, and Kate is slightly past her prime. But it is cool to see a mother and son hanging out.
Bust has gone through a number of interesting design changes — I’ve only seen it every so often but this issue looks quite pretty. There’s a little too much reliance on big headlines and full-bleed photographs but the content, and the music reviews, are STRONG. I remember (vaguely) when Bust was on newsprint, all smudgy and stuff.

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