Ah, while the world turns:

Ah, while the world turns: In the bookstore today with my daughter, we were looking for a pop-up book and lo and behold, this is the one for her (now 6 months).
Hop on Pop
It’s an amazing little book that shows, among other things, a little boy popping out of a pool and 2 little kids hopping on top of their dad’s stomach. Anyway, the baby adores it and so will you. It’s the animation of the book that is fascinating — pop-up books have a fairly long history but they receive little credit from us adults.
Here is my wishlist for pop-up books for adults: Hardy’s Jude the Obscure, The Book of Job, anything by Rudyard Kipling, and anything ghost-written for a politician. Maybe we could start with a book by Al Gore, like his Earth in the Balance.

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