Napster, Kurt, and Monica I've

Napster, Kurt, and Monica
I’ve noticed something kind of interesting about the major media lately. When things are relatively stable (e.g. the stock market is going up-up-up, no war, &c, as in 1990 to 1998), the media is incredibly prolific and interesting. Napster was on the front page every day, music was endlessly varied, and the tabloid loved to feature fun-pix of interns. Now that we are living in a major state of flux (e.g. economic fiascos, war and terror here and abroad, democracy turned upside down), the media seems to have become, well, dull.
Here’s a sampling of links from today’s New York Times. Do they really have nothing to say about the philosophical or political or cultural implications of where we at present are? No guidance, no analysis of the gloom and doom, no prescription for hope?
Prescription Drugs
Britain Names Liberal as Archbishop
Piece by Paul Krugman, going “What, Me Worry?”

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