Okay, according to yesterday's late

Okay, according to yesterday’s late day NPR report, there is this HUGE Ellen Feiss fan club out there and it concerns me (well, only slightly). Ms. Feiss is a high school student who appears in one of Apple’s “Switch” ads — apparently, the ad’s not been on TV and you can only see her on the Apple site. She looks and acts stoned in the ad. And it’s funny.
She’s totally beautiful, no doubt. But hey, she’s like 14 and there are 10,000 guys who have started Ellen Feiss fan sites out there, including the nicely managed EllenFeiss.net. Her mug is appearing on mugs. Her glazed red eyes are being found on shirts. Apparently, Ms. Feiss is big not in Japan but in Germany and the Netherlands. What’s next for Ms. Feiss? Mum’s the word.

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