A rather newish magazine called

A rather newish magazine called eDesign has been out for a few months. The full-feature book features articles and stories about designing for the Web and for new technologies like handhelds and cell phones. Sounds good, no?
But I have to wonder why they charge $29.00 for a “charter” subscription when other (albeit non-design) magazines, like Fast Company or Wired, cost sooo little (as low as $8.00 per year) for new subscribers. Other design magazines, like Step, are also expensive. Again, not sure why. And I’m not really up for complaining about publication pricing. What is bothersome about eDesign is that, it being new, and me being interested, shouldn’t a little deal be cut to see if the two of us tango?

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  1. Ah, designer woes… Have you purchased any real design magazines lately? It’s difficult to find a high quality design magazine UNDER $30 these days – so a newcomer seems like a deal at $29. Remember George and others who strive on advertising revenue to survive? While it may have seemed steep at the time, and a bummer that they ceased distribution, eDesign was a great idea and a high quality publication while it lasted

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