Having watched all of 45

Having watched all of 45 minutes of American Idol over the past month, I have two observations about the show (which will decide a winner one little hour from now).
First, Fox spent about $6 on the entire production, using sets that look like they came out of the dumpster and hiring actors and judges that look as washed up as they sound.
Second, and more importantly, this seems to be the first television show in which almost every contestant appears to be of mixed heritage. Either it’s true, or the makeup folks in the trailer are fixing up the kids to look like they come from the perfect Hispanic-Black-Caucasian-Asian human lineage. I take this, by the way, as a good thing; perhaps America’s true demography is coming through and we’re now able to appreciate, even celebrate, the difference of our similarities.
Oh, here’s a third: why being a “singer” of old tunes that you didn’t compose, orchestrate, or develop is considered cool, I don’t know. Can we have an American Drummer show?

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