In college I was in a band

In college I was in a band with a bunch of fellows who I still sometimes see. The band was called Mendesfraü, which was supposed to be a pseudo-menacing name built to attract an audience — any audience. The band was terrible and I think I was the worst part of it — I had a very nice set of white Pearl drums that I couldn’t play for the life of me. Well, I could keep a beat but that was about it. I didn’t even look right on the “throne,” which I always thought was such a great drummer’s name for a “swivel stool.”
Anyway, I saw the videotape that a friend made of us at the time (1989 or so) and I got to witness all my pre-grunge worship of the Pixies, Sonic Youth, and the Swans all over again. I was young, the band was bad, but it was fun. Long live youth.

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