I know, it's really exhausted

I know, it’s really exhausted and I’m exhausted thinking about the sniper and his inanity. But there are a few things that still hold my interest:
1. Here’s the letter that freaked out every parent and guardian in the DC area. As a text, it explains much about the authorities’ wiley messages but it does not get to motive at all. Look at the handwriting, the stars on the first page, and the specificity of the note. Fascinating.
2. Mr. Muhammed has not been linked (nor even remotely connected) to Islamic fundamentalist groups. Is there a connection or not — and will we ever really know? Is he a sympathizer or a mercenary or neither? As a friend of mine pointed out the other day to me, why would the sniper hit WDC? Why not stay in Tacoma where the headlines would not go all the way across the page? I don’t think conspiratorially — I just wish some answers were more forthcoming.