I'm officially going to be

I’m officially going to be a shill for Macworld, a magazine I used to think was distressingly useless. With the issuing and promotion of OS X, the magazine is now hitting its stride with very useful information for the novice and advanced Mac user alike.
More importantly to me, they published a GREAT, GREAT how-to article by Scot Hacker (could that name be real?) called “Serve it Up” in the November 2002 issue which explains in plain English how to set up a Web server on your little OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Macintosh. What this means, in plainer English, is that, after following the directions, you can begin to build Web sites that are complex, data-driven, and interactive. In even plainer English, you can use your Mac to build Web sites that use a database for displaying information — which is what Amazon.com and Yahoo! and every other large site does.
I’ve been searching for one year for an article like this — either online, in a magazine or book, or in a discussion group. Much thanks to Mr. Hacker, whose article makes me say, Macworld: Subscribe Now!

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