Finally, the New York Times

Finally, the New York Times has covered, in a major article, a story about animal rights, this time in the Sunday Magazine. I’m eager, nay anxious, to read it.
This is from the paper’s post-election edition (Wednesday, November 6, 2002) — which surely influenced the publishing of tomorrow’s piece:
Animal rights initiatives, largely sponsored by national groups, succeeded in several states, including in Florida, where voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban the confinement of pregnant pigs in restrictive crates. Oklahoma outlawed cockfighting and rejected a proposal to require nearly twice as many signatures for initiatives related to animals.
Wayne Pacelle, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, said his organization prevailed Tuesday in five of six campaigns. “When state legislatures fail to adopt positive reform, we will turn to the initiative process to create new laws to protect animals from cruelty and abuse,” he said.