I know that the film

I know that the film Birthday Girl, starring Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin (is he really the son or grandson of Charlie — his birthname is apparently Benedict Greenwood), was panned worldwide but I liked this movie a lot. With plenty of neat-o nods to Hitchcock and to early 1970s noir, the movie features an incredible performance by Ms. Kidman, who plays a Russian that is actually believable (move over Mr. R. Williams). This a very quirky little romantic movie that belies much of our assumptions about Russia, Russians, Brits and banking.
Oh yes, and it’s quite funny, occasionally poking fun at itself unlike any thriller I’ve seen recently. If there were more women leading these types of movies (see also: The Long Kiss Goodnight), Hollywood might actually gain some respect by those who like their stories unpredictable, sexy, and surprising.