The BBC recently announced the

The BBC recently announced the winners of 50 Places to visit before one lays one’s head in the deep, dark earth. It’s kind of a fascinating question — where do you want to visit before your time is up? The top 5 in this list are The Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Florida, South Island, and Cape Town. New York City is number 7! I’ve been to 3 of the five, which is not bad.
But it makes me wonder, what are *my* top places to see before I die that I haven’t seen before? Hmm (in no particular order):
– Niagara Falls (where my parents went on Honeymoon)
– Tokyo (where everything is in vending machines and you can sleep in a tube)
– Kiev and Zhitomir (near Chernobyl, Ukraine, where my grandmother was born)
– Alaska (before it melts away)
– Helsinki