A lot of things came

A lot of things came across the wire today that worry me. These include Venezuela’s massive strike that has essentially shut down its economy, paralyzed its workforce, and prevented the poor there from having a chance again.
Yemen’s demanding its missles back is also slightly problematic. What do they need tired old North Korean SCUDs for when they have the whole U.S. D.O.D. attending to their needs? Once again, I argue that Yemen, Saudia Arabia, and its friends, are not.
Then, there’s Mayor Bloomberg, who says, “Prepare for the worst”. Not for terrorism but for a mass transit strike that will completely cripple this fragile city of ours. Good ol’ Governor Pataki “doesn’t want to get involved,” which is nice of him, since he did recently get elected by a vast majority of New York City voters. And Mayor Bloomberg says the city will function, even though the traffic (complete with four-person cars, which will make the whole city look like a clown-show) will be insane. 7 million people ride the subways and buses. Surely, the city, if it can singlehandedly figure out how to deconstruct the WTC last year, can solve a transit problem during this one.