I am sometimes embarrassed to

I am sometimes embarrassed to be writing a blog such as this. Nevertheless:
Pepperidge Farm always seemed to me to be a strange company. Somewhere between homemade baked goods and Wonderbread, the company never really made sense to me. They had an outlet store near where I grew up in Philadelphia — but I could not as a kid understand why they were selling “high quality” goods at cheap prices. Mostly their brand looks kind of awkward, out of place on a package of bread; they recently re-branded I see — the text is larger, in all caps, and the “farm” is represented by a larger yellow and red barn that is snow-covered and imposing.
I guess they are now owned by Campbell’s Soup. I recently bought their Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread and following is the text on the “back” of the package:
“. . . This dedication to baking is what makes Pepperidge Farm Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread a delightful start to your day. Everything else is toast.™ Never have an Ordinary Day.™” What? They actually went to the trouble of trademarking these last two sentences? Only in America can a company not only come up with a silly couple of lines like that, put it on their package, and then prevent others from using it. (See comments on U.S. copyrighting below . . . )