I hate war. I hate

I hate war. I hate the bellicose talk that Mr. Bush just delivered to the entire world. But, like many, I’m not against the now very, very, very likely probability of war with Iraq. I read a good editorial in Canada’s National Post, which is much like today’s piece by Daniel Pipes. The other piece from two weeks ago asked this simple question of its readers: In looking at world history, and looking at the terrors and heinous crimes of the past 100 years, would you prefer to be on the side of U.S. foreign policy or that of France, Germany, and Russia?
The answer to me is pretty clear. France, Germany, and perhaps Russia are looking at appeasement as a way of making sense of deception, horrendous human rights, and the accumulation of murderous weapons by Iraq. All three countries have a less than trustworthy history when it comes to the life and death of millions of innocents.