I read a great article

I read a great article last night in this month’s Fast Company (it’s not online yet) about a company called Amoeba that seems to far outsell and out-cool the big retail record conglomerates like Virgin, Tower, and HMV. The company is in the SF area and they specifically cater to the small consumer, the afficionado, the musician, the person that takes their music and music history seriously. For those who take the latest hits seriously, they can go there, too. Run by knowledgable staff, Amoeba sounds like a music consumer’s dream come true, with 3 or 4 times the number of titles found in an ordinary, vanilla box record store. The music industry continues to create cardboard cut-outs (literally) for its store while customers in their prime demographics are yearning for something real. I just bought the latest God Speed You Black Emperor. More soon.